Prototyping visualizes product ideas. This step in product development makes it possible to test sought after performance features not only in a virtual sense but also under real conditions. Prototyping helps Chung Hing Industry to save its customers money. Prototypes make it possible to identify errors and potentials in early development phases and then to respond accordingly. Changes to production-ready products entail considerably greater efforts and result in higher costs.
Chung Hing Industry provides longstanding experience in the preparation of electrotechnical prototypes. Leading manufacturers have valued the reliability, speed and special expertise of our prototyping for many years.



International companies have their electrotechnical components manufactured in serial production at Chung Hing Industry. There are good reasons for this: Serial production requires modern machinery, routinized and certified workflows and experienced personnel. Chung Hing Industry fulfils all of these demands for the serial production of components in consistent quality and with high individuality.
Chung Hing Industry provides serial production in all lot sizes.

seires production


Engineering is an extremely broad field. When it comes to specific demands, it is all the more important to find a suitable partner with the corresponding qualifications. Chung Hing Industry specializes in the development and construction of electrotechnical components. For many decades it has been supporting its partners in designing suitable components for their products. Chung Hing Industry Engineering distinguishes itself through a high degree of inventiveness and solid professional expertise.


Consulting for design, construction, development and manufacturing.

We provide you with consulting and support in the areas of design, construction, development and assembly – regardless of your current development status. We look forward to helping support you and your project. Contact us!.